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At Friday Night Poker Club we are committed to offering games that set a very high standard for fairness, security and privacy. On all of the games, players will be playing against other real players from around the world. Players will never be playing real money games against computers or simulated players ("bots").

Friday Night Poker Club will merely provide a safe, fair and fun venue
for people to enjoy our games. A small percentage of the winning player's pot will be deducted in the form of a rake. The rake structure is such that it is even possible that no rake will be deducted from smaller pots.

Friday Night Poker Club is a Poker Portal Website.

Fast Reliable Play, With Quality Graphics.
Over 5,000 Players Online, ALL the time!
Play for FUN, Play For REAL!

Live Player, Online Poker is The Newest Phenomenon On
the Internet. Poker has always been a very popular
card game. NOW, friendly games with co-workers, family,
friends and associates can be organized in high quality
Online Poker Rooms too! Join this next step in the evolution
of Poker and see for yourself why EVERYONE is talking about it!

There are plenty of free & real money tables and games to choose from and lots of new friends to make! Download & Signup NOW!


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